Railroad Maps - Static and Interactive - Last Updated: 09/19/2005
All maps on this page were created by Chris Walker based off of old railroad maps or photos. Information provided on the maps are for personal use only. Any incorrect information has been obtained from observation or other sources. Maps are intended to aid in railfanning activities.
A map of the BNSF's South East Fullerton Industrial track, otherwise know as the Kimberly-Clark industrial spur. This line is serviced daily by the BNSF's 3rd La Mirada local. (click map for larger version)
A map of the UP's Southern Pacific Industrial complex. This line is serviced daily by the UP's Buena Park switcher. (click map for larger version)
Click here for an interactive version of the above map that contains photo links. Once you open the map, simply click on the red arrows to see the photos taken from there locations, pointing in the direction of the arrowhead.